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450 KW INDUCTOTHERM, Induction Furnace with 300 KG & 500 KG crucible, newly installed.

Treatment ladle of 300 kg and 100 kg.

Ajay Syscon make, digital pyrometer for measuring Temperature.

Online Carbon – Silicon analyser for determine carbon, silicon and thermal analysis of cooling curve of metal.


We have different types of moulding system.

Molasses based sand moulding , for small quantity of pieces of casting and loose pattern

CO2 based sand moulding system

No- bake two part moulding system

Green sand moulding for match-plate pattern

Shell moulding system

From above process, we can make casting in the range from 300gram to 350kg.

Sand Plant

We have Omega Sand plant for no- bake moulding system. We have following machinery in sand plant.

Omega make continuous sand mixture ( 1 to 3 TPH capacity)

Compaction table

Omega no- bake sand reclamation plant 3tph capacity with pneumatic pressure vessel for sand conveying system.

Sand storage hopper 60 ton capacity.

Kaesar make screw air compressor.

Core Making

Cold core Shooter Machine

Shell core shooter capacity 10 Kg core

Complicated core can be produce from hand moulding

Metallurgical Testing

Spectro Meter - OxFord - Germany.

Hardness testing machine (BHN) – Hydraulic operated.

Physical properties – UTM, YS, % Elongation etc.

Microscope with Image analyser software.

Polishing machine.

Nearby Available Outsourcing Facility

Ultrasonic & Radiography testing facilities are available.

Heat- treatment facility.

Green compression strength testing machine, moister tester, permeability meter, compactibility meter, sieve analyser and mould hardness tester.

Casting Cleaning

300 Kg capacity Shot Blasting Machine to clean the castings.

16″ Wheel- Pedestal grinding Machines.

16″ Wheel Swing frame grinding Machine.

4″ & 7″ Wheel Angular Grinders.

Pneumatic Chipper and Grinders.

Machining facility

CNC and VMC machines are available in fully developed machining shop.